What We Do
Renaissance Service Group, LLC provides sourcing solutions for the construction, healthcare, and education industries. Our sourcing solution, PRISM, creates a pathway for businesses of all sizes to benefit from collaborative sourcing and savings.

Small businesses have two primary issues: access to materials and product commercialization. These issues are not unfamiliar in large corporations. However, due to the volume of commerce they transact, these costs and challenges are managed through exuberant budgets, outsourcing, consultants, etc.

Small businesses are still the backbone of our country's economic infrastructure. 99.7% of businesses in the United States are small businesses.  Nearly half of the country's workforce is employed by small businesses, yet small businesses represent only specks on the commerce radar. These businesses, because they are small, have limited access in obtaining cost effective resources to get raw materials inbound, products outbound, and inventory managed.

PRISM is the solution for small businesses.  It creates a pathway that allows big business to do business with small business. PRISM is a supplier network that enables small businesses to collaborate to increase their value proposition to suppliers, logistics, and distribution resources. The goal of PRISM is to allow small businesses to gain access, increase their value, and commercialize their products.
How Does PRISM Work?

Step 1
PRISM Analysis

  • An in-depth analysis of your material expenses and sourcing costs.


Step 2
PRISM On-Boarding

  • Your company is on-boarded into the PRISM network member.


Step 3
PRISM Launch

  • Your company accesses the PRISM network of suppliers and begin saving.

The Renaissance Service Group team consists of professionals who have extensive experience in sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management. It is our goal to align with partners who are able to provide exceptional customer service to our clients.